Bachelor Projects

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Bachelor Creative Technology (B-CREA)

Spontaneous secure pairing

Bachelor Electrical Engineering (B-EE)

Automatic age estimation from facial images

Automatic eyebrow extraction from facial images

Bachelor assignments Computer Vision and Biometrics 2016/17

Football tracking in cooperation with Scisports - multiple assignments

Bachelor Computer Science (B-INF)

Can You Predict The Next Cyber Threat?

In Progress

Bachelor Electrical Engineering (B-EE)

5-camera multiview 3D face scanner

Bewegingscorrectie in 3D face laser scans

Face tracking and recognition on a mobile phone

Local Binary Pattern Vote Fusion on Regional Facial Classifiers.

Redesign of finger vein scanner including HDR

Robust estimation of eigenvectors and eigenvalues of facial data

Use of real sense camera for 3D face recognition

Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management (B-TBK)

The Decision Making behind Phishing



Bachelor Electrical Engineering (B-EE)

3D face scanner based on laser line projection - continued


Facial pose and illumination estimation on mobile phone


Deep learning approach to low resolution face recognition


A deeplearning approach to landmark detection in facial images


Low-cost 3D face scanner using a laser line projector


Low budget open source laser 3D face scanner


Finger vein recognition based on local binary patterns and nger shape


Een stap richting optimale classifier-fusie


Een compact modulair synchroon camerasysteem voor 3D-reconstructie


3D face scanner based on laser line projection

3D reconstruction using multiple view with a grid of cameras

Application for mobile phone to detect liveness of face recordings

Design of hardware for a compact multiple view 3D camera

Facial expression compensation for Face recognition

Facial landmark tracking in video on mobile phones

Fingerprint acquisition using a camera on a smartphone

Improvement of the fingervein scanner using HDR

People and face tracking and face recognition using a PTZ camera

Pose classification and compensation for low resolution face recognition

Surveillance setup using standard smartphone and android environment