Guidelines for Requirements Analysis in Students' Projects

Students of Business Information Technology should learn how to do a requirements analysis. For most students, it is a most valuable skill for their future professional carreer. In the BIT curriculum, this subject is treated in various ways.

  • In the Bachelor programme, basic skills in requirements analysis are taught in the course Requirements Engineering (232081). These skills are applied to a real-world problem in the course BIT-BV (2139805).

  • In the Master programme two elective courses are offered: Advanced Requirements Engineering (232085) and Problem Analysis and Software Requirements (232080).

RE Method

In addition, the Services, Cybersecurity and Safety group has developed a set of guidelines for requirements analysis in student's projects. Target audience for these guidelines are master students who carry out a M.Sc. project or internship with a substantial requirements analysis task. The guidelines are also available to bachelor students for the course BIT-BV.Improving these guidelines is an ongoing project. We are grateful for your feedback!
Please send any comments to Dr. N. Sikkel (Klaas)

Guides :

Guidelines for Requirements Analysis in Student Projects
Reporting about design research