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From 1 Jan 2018 :
The Services and CyberSecurity parts, will continue to use the same name without the Safety(/Biometrics) part. The Safety(/Biometrics) part, teamed up with the Database group and formed the start of Data Science.

Both these new groups have their new website :
Services and CyberSecurity
Data Science


In the following pages, you find lists of our courses and student projects.

The SCS group contributes to a number of curricula:
In addition, we contribute to two graduate programmes in the Twente Graduate School
See the guide for prospective students if you want to enroll in one of these graduate programmes.
Please contact : Prof.Dr. P.H. Hartel (Pieter), Prof.Dr.Ir. R.N.J. Veldhuis (Raymond) or Prof.Dr. R.J. Wieringa (Roel),
if you want to do a graduate programme in our group.

Methodological support for student projects is given on this page