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MSc J.L. Rebelo Moreira (Joao Luiz)
PhD candidate


Zilverling 4074


+31 53 489 4337


@ut since :

December 01, 2014




My PhD research is about unforeseen situations in the domain of emergency response for context aware systems through ontological approaches, being advised by Luis.
I hold a MSc degree in informatics and a BSc degree in computer science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My BSc final work was about the use of text information in Data Warehousing and my MSc dissertation was about the application of a foundational ontology in multidimensional design.
I have some experience working in the information technology area (13 years), with emphasis in database and software engineering, acting as programmer, system analyst and IT solution architect. My research interests include: MDE, situational awareness, conceptual modelling, formal ontology, complex event processing, predictive analysis and NLP.