We identify the design space for architectural decisions to realise quality attributes

Duration:December 2013 until December 2013
Contact:Prof.Dr. R.J. Wieringa (Roel)

Information Systems Group, University of Twente (is.ewi.utwente.nl)

Project: QUIDS (QUality Indicators in Design Spaces)


How should we choose between various design options when designing a software system? Which advantages and disadvantages do certain options to design decisions have over their alternatives?

Project goal

Investigate effects of design decisions on software quality

Current focus

Changeability: how do design decisions affect change effort?

Research questions

Can we show that, for a certain design decision, a particular option causes better changeability than its alternatives?

Solution approach

Case studies comparing cases where differences in designs can explain differences in changeability

Project information

Period: February 2004 – January 2008

Sponsor: Ordina

Partners: University of Twente, Ordina

1 Ph.D. student, 1 professor


More information: quids.ewi.utwente.nl

Further Information: publications