Synchromodel IT - IT services for Synchromodality

Funded by:Dinalog
Duration:January 2013 until December 2017
Contact:Dr.Ir. M.J. van Sinderen (Marten)

Motivation and goals :

Three major challenges have motivated this project: the need for a unified European logistic network, the need to increase the efficiency and sustainability of logistic services, and the ambition to trigger and push the ''mental switch'' of both shippers and 4PLs , towards a synchromodal way of working, in which the decision about the mode of transport for the next part of a route is made as late as possible, allowing optimal flexibility in routing and improved quality of service and sustainability. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to enable efficient, reliable, and sustainable delivery of logistic services and strengthen the Dutch logistic sector through

  • the design of an synchromodal logistic network model and integrated service platform,
  • the development of related planning and scheduling policies, and of decision support through serious gaming.

Activities/Work packages :

This project defines three knowledge-creation activities (each representing a separate PhD project): A1 –Real-time & Big Data, A2 -Planning & Gaming , and A3 - Architecture & Services. Additionally, there are three supporting activities, which are meant to facilitate and enhance knowledge creation.

Expected results/ Innovativeness :

The ''selling point'' and innovative strength of this project reside in the unique combination of operations research techniques, information technology, and serious gaming to enable synchromodal planning. Based on the results developed in this project a significant amount of added value in innovative synchromodal logistics for the Netherlands will be generated. The expected results are very diverse. It will generate a large number of scientific papers and three PhD theses. Next to this, many Master students do their internship in the companies in our consortium, leading to a large repository of information for our project. A number of decision making scenarios will be developed, leading to innovative pilots and implementation of new logistic services. The outcomes are expected to have long- term effects for all participants on their actual decision-making in freight transportation.

Valorization/implementation :

Valorization and knowledge dissemination are key aspects of this project. Formed is a consortium of industry-leading companies that help to develop best-in-class concepts and tools. This project actively supports the application of concepts and tools among logistic consortium partners and the development of new ventures based on management games and software services developed in SynchromodalIT. Consortium partners will be encouraged to develop and market commercial solutions based on the results of this project. We will apply knowledge developed in this project through amongst others MSc student thesis projects in logistic companies and development of training/teaching materials. Knowledge dissemination will be done through a variety of media: professional magazines, academic journals, and conferences (both academic conferences and dedicated workshops and seminars for practitioners).

Consortium :

Synchromodal IT is collaboration between the Universiteit Twente, Thales, Combi Terminal Twente, Wayz/Post-Kogeko, Cape groep, ARS | Traffic & Support Technology BV,, Arcadis and OV Software.

Further Information: