Cost Management in Service-Oriented Computing

Funded by:CNPq (Brazilian government agency)
Duration:March 2013 until February 2017
Contact:Dr. L. Ferreira Pires (Luís)


Nowadays, many companies expose their capabilities as services on the Internet to facilitate the cooperation with their customers. This situation has created a new marketplace where services have been provided with similar functionality, but different qualities such as cost, performance, and reliability. In this scenario, service composition providers have faced the challenge of choosing services that fulfil an expected quality without compromising a planned budget. This challenge is even more stringent when services have different cost behaviours, i.e., variable, fixed, mixed and step cost. As a consequence, services can be less expensive than others in a scenario and be more expensive in others. 

In this project we develop solutions to manage the cost of service compositions by taking into account all classes of cost behaviors and other non-functional attributes that can affect cost.


  • Robson Medeiros (PhD student)
  • Luís Ferreira Pires (supervisor, UT)
  • Nelson Rosa (supervisor, UFPE)