An Architecture-based Valuation approach for IT

Funded by:Novay, Senter Novem
Duration:January 2010 until December 2011
Contact:Dr.Ir. M.J. van Sinderen (Marten)

Information Systems Group, University of Twente (

Project: ArchiValue

Project Goal

The ArchiValue project aims at developing an architecture-based valuation approach for IT. This approach is targeted at organizations that have a large IT department. The approach should help financial controllers, IT managers and architects to get grip on the costs and benefits of IT. The approach addresses two important IT problems: How to valuate IT in terms of costs and benefits, and how to valuate an IT project portfolio?

Design questions

Solution approach

Project information

Period: 2010-2011

Partners: Novay, University of Twente (chairs of IS, IS&CM), Hogeschool Utrecht, APG, Belastingdienst, and BiZZdesign.

IS chair: 3 senior researchers.

Sponsor: Novay / SenterNovem

More information on the ArchiValue website