Evaluation of face recognition in automatic border control systems at schiphol

Funded by:Min V&J
Duration:July 2013 until November 2013
Contact:Dr.ir. L.J. Spreeuwers (Luuk)

On more and more airports, automatic face recognition is
deployed in so-called Automatic Border Control (ABC) systems. These electronic
gates consist of a passport reader on which a traveler presents his/her
passport, a video camera that records live images of the traveler and face
recogntion (FR) software that compares the live images to the digitally stored
facial images on the passport. If the FR finds a match, the gate is opened and
the traveler can proceed.


The objective of the NoQ2 evaluation study was to
evaluate the performance of the FR software in the ABC system deployed at
Schiphol Airport. The project was an assignment by the IDMI (Identity
Management and Immigration) of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice.


The evaluation concerned the absolute performance in
terms of False Rejection Rates and False Accept rates, the performance for
different types of travelers (races, children, with passports from different
countries and dates of issuance).


The Chair for Biometric Pattern Recognition of SCS Group
is one of the few independent groups (possibly the only one) in the Netherlands
and even in Europe with the required biometric expertise to perform an
evaluation study like this.


The results of the project are confidential and are not
available for publication.