The Personal Information Security Assistant

Funded by:NWO under project nr. CybSec.12.001
Duration:November 2013 until November 2017
Contact:Prof.Dr. R.J. Wieringa (Roel)

The research will focus on the hard problem of end user risk management, and design a tool that helps end users to manage and reduce their IT risks. For this we will take existing risk management methodologies such as ISO 27005 as a starting point, and will develop an easy to use tool, using state of the art methods and techniques of security research. We will  cooperate with the human-media group to ensure usability of the tool.


The project has a strong industrial backing, consisting of IT service providers KPN and XS4ALL as well as a user committee of three other organizations (CSC, Cap Gemini, IT United, Complions and Intermedion) willing to support the tool development and testing. Project members will collaborate closely with these organizations and gain expertise in enterprise risk and security management.

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