Kindred Spirits: Privacy Enhanced Social Networking

A collaboration of: TUD/ICT, DIES
Funded by:STW/Sentinels under project nr. 10527
Duration:October 2009 until October 2013
Contact:Prof.Dr. P.H. Hartel (Pieter)

Computers, handhelds and networks are the fabric that builds the ubiquitously connected world.In such a world, interaction between groups of people is increasingly augmented by beingconnected through one or more social networks on the internet. The connected user expects thesocial network to provide the same level of privacy protection as in a real-life interaction. Theproblem that we address is building social networks of users with similar interests (i.e., kindredspirits) in such a way that (1) users are matched to one another and (2) various levels of personalprivacy are respected when the user enters or leaves social networks.

Further Information: http://www.ksproject.nl/, publications