Welcome to the Services, Cybersecurity and Safety researchgroup.

The goal of the SCS group is to develop methods and techniques for developing IT-based services that balance service levels with safety- and security levels, and to develop methods and techniques that make existing IT-based services more secure.

Latest News

May 19, 2016,  Doctoral thesis defense

Johannes Kotzerke successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled 'Bio Twist; Overcoming severe distortions in ridge-based biometrics for successful identification'. 

May 14, 2016,  up to and including May 15, 2016 / THS participating to TU CTF!

Up to and including 15 May, 2016 This weekend, the Twente Hacking Squad is again participating in a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. The TU CTF is a good introductory CTF to get familiar with hacking the web, crypto, reverse engineering, exploitation and forensics.We hope to see many student again participating to the CTF. If you're interested in joining as well, you can contact us or dorp by in ZI 2042 this weekend. Like previous times, the SCS group supports the THS by providing the environment and refreshments needed to have a successful hacking event. 

April 22, 2016,  Advanced Course On Darknet And Crypto Currencies

TNO Singapore will be conducting two five-day advanced course on darknet and crypto currencies at iTrust in Apr 2016, led by Prof.dr. Pieter Hartel from University of Twente. The course is provided by the iTrust, Centre for Research in Cyber Security in collaboration with TNO. 

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